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Dear customers and dear visitors,

my name is Daniel Lenz, a.k.a. "The Daniel".

My current profession already started in my infancy. In my parents' company, I grew up with truck racing, towing, repairing, and handling crashed cars from an early age, so that my professional orientation was actually predetermined.

Thus, it’s not surprising that, in the second Lenz generation, I eventually started my own towing service in Adenau and right on the Nürburgring. In a nutshell, the facts speak for themselves: I’M LIVING MY VOCATION.

I look forward to meeting you,

Yours, Daniel Lenz

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WE are a young team, but we have many years of experience in the field of towing services. Our company headquarters are located directly at the legendary Nürburgring.



WE take special care to ensure that our vehicles are equipped with the latest technology in order to tow away the damaged vehicle as efficiently and safely as possible. On request, our service offerings also include the complete settlement of the insurance claims.



WE don't beat about the bush, but rather do the work for you carefully, quickly, and conscientiously with great care.



WE are a reliable partner for you and also operate across Europe. Get in touch with us or visit us on site and convince yourself of our services.

Yours, Daniel Lenz

and the Team

Phone: +49 2692 932 5290

We are always there for you...

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